hi voltage step down mill basic brain storm pls

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Hi got this motor out split system ac internal fan motor some have ac motor with cap some have better permanent mag 3 ph hi volt input with internal dc to 3 ph driver. seen occasional with problem and few variants, some you can get to the star points and centre.some only dc hi v out some 30 v 2 amps(if ever play with these some are dangerous voltages,if lo volt bat not connected easy can kill treat as hi volt)

looking for some brain storm on way to efficient and simple step down the hi volt,
bit testing on 1200 rpm drill is 120 v .4a ,is no cogging and fun small mill to play with trickle charger silent lo wind, direct connection to 12 volt is trickle charges with split system external fan blade with start up funny under 5 kmh hardly stops but is wasting power charging 12 v, when wind normal 15 kmh up it more suited to charge 60 v bat not 12 so...

(pics of the ac and dc pm version and split ac system external fan works well as small silent lo wind trickle changer)

after few ideas to make a mppt( maximum power point tracker) simple along lines of coil maybe diodes and using the phase on off instead micro to make the load match more with rpm. or if that fails guess micro and dc side 1 coil with rpm sens to load it up progressive or mapped or out the box thinking fake a hi volt bat with caps to 12 v some how

, did try some plug packs but they off on not ideal matching load and some buck down will load it up stall to easy is why post this as after simple more matched to wind aproach

basic thinking was when ac hi v comes out it half rectified threw coil to the dc with fly back diode to catch the excess voltage power stored in coil form miss match 100 v trying to charge 12 v, prob need 6 coils and few diodes to make a not smart but simple buck, i never played with coils this way any idears drawings and last resort arduino smart type option.
help to make progres or radio and vitamin b