hi voltage step down mill basic brain storm pls

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hi is wire diagram and verbibale speed for hi lo medium as is for fan,think 4 to 5 v, on 1 played with is few versions 30 v and 300 plus v some sealed some with wider 1 side case can get to rewire. but most ok can use dc lines as output dc any direction bonus but h volt or super slow bigger prob make some power in lightest of winds and not much more when bit more wind unless can step down silent and bearings no cog fun tinny thing think 15 to 50 w if get it stepped down as is few sises played bit with it as motor it uses a lot less power than same fan motor ac as pm not needs to wast power making magnetic filed inner part. ac versions seem to have bigger 2 ph 1 threw cap induction type centre, putting permanent mag in this might give 2p out but none match so far may have make, motor very good for slow vawt as well,i made 1 with 1 top and bottom guyed, pipe cut in half as lo speed hi volt. efficiently better matched to higher volt system like 48 for direct connection more e hawt
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