hi voltage step down mill basic brain storm pls

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wow thanks for offer Ben and Amber, ATM i in Thailand near Pattaya if any nerds around happy show around trust me wow place when know what to look out for
We got this bigger pm wash machine hears pic working on making furling mill with my Thai engineering gf funny she can weld and program better than learner me ha ha. has alloy wire but looks stronger than f and p and less cog.will work on stepping it down rather than re wire

made lots f and p mills in past 1 geared 5 m some twin is amassing see its power curves change alot with ac caps  but cancel picked on me, so had take down sad as trying help earth and was off grid with tracking solar, hot water store for heating and water forklift batteries was goal off grid so did it for years,fun playing with mills big or small, junk yards a lot potential to visit often is still cool to see any power coming in at night, we got few mills up these smaller lo wind trickle chargers and 1 tape drive little solar fun and cheapest solar hot water led and fan motors to hv 3 ph dc same small mill,it gets a lot better efficiency 15 w same ac motor using about 40.  thai hot we simply sprayed the stainless steel tank on roof flat black works well and helping earth and wallet bit

help to make progres or radio and vitamin b