Solar hot water, elements in series?

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Posted: 12:33am 05 Mar 2020      

I've changed plans. Decided to go the low voltage element path. I've ordered a 48v 1000w element, and sourced some 230 watt 60 cell solar panels locally for $55 each.  

I'll be using a different tank to. My 300 litre tank is getting rusty, and I have a 120 litre tank in good condition, plus it has a thicker layer of insulation. Using that formula Solar Mike linked to, and assuming I get 800 watts power from the panels, if the tank drops to 30c over night, 3.5 hours of sun will bring it back up to 50c.

Even in winter, say I only get 500 watts from the panels, it will take just under 6 hours.

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