Solar hot water, elements in series?

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Posted: 04:06am 05 Mar 2020      

You could always turn the thermostat on the tank up to 70 or 80 to bank some extra heat if you get a cloudy day.  If the tank doesen't get that hot, it will get as hot as it was going to anyway.

It's been lightly raining here all day today.
Just checked my main inverter and it's produced a whopping 2.65 KWh for the day.
On a clear day this time of year I'd expect to see a tad over 30 Kwh.
That's what you have to look out for as I'm sure you well know.

Some time back a mates brother worked for Dux. They were looking to take the water up to about 90oC. The reason was having the water hotter meant the tanks effectively were larger while actually being smaller to fit in apartments and the like without taking as much space. When used with the mixing valves there was effectively more " Useable" hot water.

I don't know if they ever went with that or it got dropped.