150V 45A MPPT - roll your own

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  ryanm said  Hi Poida,

I'm very interested in your board. Assuming it works I'll definitely be building one. Been looking for an open source MPPT design for a while now. If you need some real world testing for your code I'm quite happy to purchase a board off you and give it a try. I've got a couple of different panel voltages and batteries laying around. Also experience with Arduino programming and all the associated gear.

Edit: Note that I don't have anywhere near enough spare gear at the moment to drive it at 150A.


thanks for the offer of help Ryan. I think it likely I will want you to help in testing. There goes spare board #2. One left.

I think my specs are up to 150V IN, 45 A out, 48V lead acid battery as the load.
I think it's not really important that we test immediately at max power/voltage.
I want to start with baby steps. I am not an EE (Electronics Engineer) tho some here on the forum are.

First things first. The boards are in transit from JCLPCB. The main components are supposedly here at home already according to RS-Components. But they are not.

This is to be a simple and reproducible project. We just need a decent but not optimal MPPT charger for 48V lead acid batteries. (one change to a #define is all that's needed to change to different battery chemistries)
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