150V 45A MPPT - roll your own

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Posted: 10:15am 24 May 2020      

That looks great, will be perfect for the FLA setup in the shed.
Now, changing voltage set points will be easy enough and the comments will tell us which ones.
For my lithium battery bank, currently I run 53.5v bulk and 53.3 float because the chargers are designed to use those modes, I can live with that, would it be possible to switch straight to float for this situation?
It may go to float faster on a setup along side the existing chargers depending on the set points of each controller, will find out when they work together anyway.

Also the last 2 nano's I have needed the Old Boot Loader because of the looping reset or something, there is another bunch that should arrive in 2 weeks, will see how they go.
Nice work once again.