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Posted: 11:46pm 30 Mar 2020      

I'm wondering if anybody would be able to help ?.

I must have done something about face or connected incorrectly -maybe?? don't really know ,it just stopped showing the solar charge symbol ,the little flashing arrow that shows a solar charge is going into the batteries.

Anyhow . I found a very small broken track on the board ,and bridged that out .

powered it up and smoke came out of a metal can capacitor (small fella close to the input terminals. Blew the can off the cap with a "BANG" and smoke and plastic foil everywhere.

so, I've fairly sure it's 100 v volts ,small value , sort of 4mmx 5mm tall cylinder type .

The question,

Has anyone ever seen a circuit for these Chinese controllers(possibly no ?)  or any clues ,like do you think I've much to lose if I power it up now -fixed track and new cap- She's only $30 ,so not going to break the bank (kids inheritance)

Hope you are all keeping well in these difficult times.


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