why I've been a bit brain dead

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Posted: 12:22am 05 Apr 2020      

Thanks for the nice thoughts Ben and Amber + all the forum friends.

They are having a round table discussion about what they will do for me ,tomorrow.. Two parts ,I'm led to believe,

First is radiation ,trying to stop the spread of the cancer cells to larger channels of my neck, and shoulders.

Second , and probably anyhow, is further excision of cancer cell material around the neck muscle ...

Anyhow, teleconferencing on Wednesday to advise the procedure.  No visits to hospital during this Coronavirus period.

I'm peaceful enough , was a bit ratsh*tte last week when they told me , but settled now.

I am in the process of building an inverter with the help of Aaron , who lives an hour west of me . He's been very helpful and has ordered most of the boards and on-board components.

I'm this morning figuring out how to remove the huge heatsink from the grid-tie inverter that I salvaged the Torodial transformer from years ago for my Powerstar W7 conversion .

If anyone has done the large heatsink removal ,please reply as to any tricks in it's removal . That white heat transfer gunk really sticks the al heatsink to the stainless steel case (forget the name of those grid-tie inverter that we bought for scavangening couple years back-lots of people dis the conversions ,so many would know how to remove the heatsinks.

Thanks ,