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So easy to remove the big heatsink , Oh, I remember the inverter now, it is an "INSPIRE" 1.5 Kw off-grid , had a mighty toroidal , choke and heatsink ,plus now I'm using the lovely case for my new inverter.

How was it easy --- first undo the 9 small retaining bolts inside the case,  2 - using a couple thin wall cabinetmakers chisels ,gently ease out a gap between the heatsink and case  3. now move to a couple of cold chisels. 4  you can get a 15mm gap now and gently prise the heatsink away from the case .

No scratches, marks ,just the heat-transfer gunk left ,which you can clean off with some acetone(be careful, that stuff burns your skin)

So, there you go ,10 minutes and job done .. I'll consider reducing the size of that heatsink and replace it . the full heatsink weighs more than the stainless steel case !!.

Lots of fittings (studs) inside the case are spot-welded, so I'll leave them there, and work around them ,when I accomodate my boards, connections, choke,Torodial coil and whatever else is necessary to complete the inverter.

Aaron will be happy ,that I got a nice case , he's keen as mustard to get going on this project. He's happy with his latest inverter . I'm appreciative of his company and his help ,just shows you how nice it is to have this forum with so many helpful members. A big THANK YOU .