PV Charge Controller for 100v Battery Bank Designs

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Solar Mike

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Posted: 06:19am 23 May 2020      

We have similar rules and regs here, I think if you stacked them in a pile they would be over a meter high, however 100 volts dc isn't an issue here. Everything has to be installed as per some NZ standard regardless of output voltage , lower voltages however don't require an electrical inspection. As a NZ qualified electronics tech who used to work on high power installations where the voltages exceeded 5 KV DC, all this low voltage stuff isn't an issue for me at least, but not recommended for non-qualified members of the public to play with; If in doubt get advice from a suitably qualified electrician.

The output 100v is nominal, my lifepo4 bank floats at 105.6v and peaks at 112v so that's what this controller will be putting out, however as its using 250 vdc output caps, can be made to run at anything below that.