PV Charge Controller for 100v Battery Bank Designs

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Solar Mike

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Posted: 01:10am 01 Jun 2020      

Last pcb done, its the low esr ceramic capacitor module, the pcb has 20 x 2 series in parallel to give me a higher voltage rating.

Even good quality electrolytic's dont absorb high frequency spikes, the small module placed across the output caps makes quite a difference to the amount of EMI produced.

I have a reel of 1000 1uf 100v caps and want to continue using them; the 250 volt and above 1uf ceramic caps are expensive, ones on AliExpress are most likely not voltage rated and not recommended here.
Placing them is series has certain advantages if one shorts out, as the other prevents a melt down, when they short they usually burn holes in your pcb as they continue conducting current as they carbonize up. Placing them on a small pcb allows easy removal if this happens.

All gerbers have been sent for manufacture, cannot wait...