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Posted: 09:01pm 07 Apr 2020      

Years ago I dismantled an INSPIRE inverter to rewind the Toridial transformer .

The case is now going to be home to my latest project,a back shed home built inverter.
Aaron ,our mate from this forum ,is the brains ,I,m the metal basher,come roustabout.
The case is solid,stainless and lovely finish. So ,I,m working on positioning a fan hole and a couple other stagetic positions for input,output cables.

The cover ,I might put on hinges, and fix a couple of meters ,switches,breakers, etc.

On another subject , I,m enthused ,because the hospital called and they are not going to operate on my neck muscle tumour ,.Instead, they have decided to give me 5 weeks of radiation,to kill the cancer cells .

Happy little vegemite with that,

So,it,s back to the workshop ,