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Posted: 11:20pm 07 Apr 2020      

Thanks Mark .

the Ol neck things sort of crept up on me ,,,, first was a year ago ,just a sort of skin blemish that would not completely "skin-over" .  Then , skin guy burnt it off , ok for a while ,then back again . ok ,so out came the knives and horse hair stitches.. still not perfect.

So today after 5 Ops, They found a tutor deep down in the neck muscle and growing around the neck bone --sounds exciting ,hey ? .

So, out came the husquvana and makita grinder . No, just joking ..

Radiation will fix it ,they think!!.

Back to the cutting holes,, I agree with you ,that stainless really blunts the old hole saws ,and they are not cheap.
I thought of cutting three ,say, 30mm holes within a circle ,but leave ,say, a 5mm between them for a bit of strength .
Cover them with expanded Al mesh and bolt the fan unit under that.
I'd put a temp and rpm adjuster on the front cover to set it at the best temp and rpm. for noise,Etc.

The Torodial will go back where it was originally ,just a bit more bulky..  

You must be finished most of your fiddling ,cause I don't see you or your work on the forum lately ??

all the best , mate . Aaron is doing a good job and he's always busy on his block , handy guy , has built all his stuff .