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Plasma Cutters are great for doing hard metals like stainless and thick metals tool. Cut a bit of 3/4" steel with it the other day. Wouldn't say it went through it like Butter as it's only a little cutter and I couldn't couldn't turn it up too high with out popping a breaker ( Can when it's sunny because I have a solar inverter on the same circuit nearby0 But it's certainly easier than using a grinder.

I have cut Aluminium, copper and ally with it too.

Even if you just rough the holes and finish them with a drill bit in the press it makes things much quicker and easier.

I did buy some of those carbon arc Gouging rods last year. Been going to hook them up to some panels and see how they go. You form an arc with the rod then have a blast of compressed air to blow the molten metal away.

I Imagine it would be a lot like cutting paper with an axe but should be fun to try.