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Nice story ,Dave.

 You sound like the type of fella I'd like living next door ? We,d make a hell of noise to frighten the horses,Hey?

Anyhow, I think Glenn (our boss) made a nice cnc router ,mainly for his printed circuit boards, gee , that was a long time back .  And Phill M has a great workshop ,He used to get wind mill stuff water cut ,not too sure how that works) .
Nice finishes with all his fabrication, he's an expert .Don,t hear much of him nowadays,I heard he has a yacht, so from my memories, thats a full time hobby.for sure.

Ok Dave , I'm off to my workshop to do some metal-bashing.  Still fitting up this inverter case and cutting in/out cable entries and stuff like that. (I'm experienced enough these days to think ahead and do as much possible before I fit it out with the inside gear-boards, transformers, terminal boxes, cables supports,Etc.

Have fun ,but play safe, mate.