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One of my new projects:

It's still under construction. I will open a topic in the electronics folder soon.

I still need to work on the mowing deck but I'm waiting for parts. The deck will also fit under my sit lawnmower that's also converted to electric more on that later.

The thing is controlled by a 2,4ghz 6 channel transmitter, I hope to use a channel to control the blades from distance. I build 2 bldc controllers for motors with hall sensors. I designed it myself and wrote a program in arduino to decode the receiver signals.

Currently it's powered by a 20ah Lto battery, but I think it will need a better battery, It got warm (maybe 30C) during a test so I don't know, I first need to finisch the bms for it.

I'm not finished with the construction of a 14 cel li-ion 100ah battery, it's exactly half finished, it's the same as the sit lawnmower.

That's for now, soon some pictures from what's under the hood.
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