RC lawnmower

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Posted: 12:01pm 21 Apr 2020      

Very impressive.  I have seen RC mowers on Yt that use a petrol engine and are used on  steep inclines because of their Low COG.
Is that going to be the platform size or will you expand the base more? Be interested to see what you use for  cutter motors.

As much fun as the RC may be, I'll stick to my Diesel Ride on.
I have too much fun on that reliving my younger days pretending I'm driving a go kart.

I just made a 3 Point hitch for it and Now I'm going to build a loader bucket for the front to make it a mini tractor.

Now all I need is about 5 ton of sand and I'll be able to live out all my unfulfilled childhood dreams as will you with the ultimate big kids remote car.

" But Honey, I'm not playing with my RC toy, I'm mowing the lawn for you...." :0)