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Posted: 02:12pm 02 May 2020      

I will use a goldenmotor 5KW 48V, I just did a test ride on 24V and it was actually just enough to cut the long grass with sharp blades. No load was 20A, I think around 60-70A when cutting the high grass. It is used in combination with a Kelly kls6035.

I replaced the old mosfets in the diy motordrive with Hy4008, they were hot after 20min but I was not ecoriding. So I need active cooling in the future, or use parallel mosfets. There is something wrong with the left hubmotor, there something loose in it. So I need to fix that, could be there is one hall sensor loose…

It was not the plan to use the goldenmotor, I wanted to use 2 stiga 48V 1500W (don’t know about that is you look at the size of them compared to the goldenmotor). The goldenmotor was for the traction in the sit mower. But I need to wait for parts (hub to mount the blades on) for another 2 months....

I will soon post another video.

Here is a picture of the mowingdeck under construction.

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