winding the Torodial

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Posted: 11:56pm 24 Apr 2020      

Hi Dennis.

Nice to see you on the forum .

That coil(transformer) I rewound for a less stand-by demanding power in a Powerstar W7 6Kw x48Volt inverter.

All the drama is documented on the backshed under my forum posts, and many others,  Just search 'brucedownunder2 "  and make yourself a very big cup of coffee,lol.

I started "torture" (something like self-isolation, today) many years ago , starting like most ,rewinding car alternators for wind powered power-that did,nt work ,so wrecked many perfectly good washing machines and tried re-winding those motors, with much more successes many have done on this forum.

We've sort of moved on a bit <you might say, moved out of the cave,  and now play with electronics, solar and most things of a power generation field ,in my case ,from mainly scrounged stuff that people toss out .

26 year shed clean-out , I would have been like a kid in a candy store, if I was  your neighbour.,lol.

all went under water , don't know where you are ,but I remember the 1974(I think) flood of Brissie and worked in Telecom those days . My job was to open the pits and cable cabinets that had been submerged . The fire brigade would then hose all the mud out of those cabinets, plus a lot of records and wiring.. What a disaster ,..

Ok Dennis, I better shut up or I'll be banned..