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Posted: 12:32am 21 May 2020      

Thanks Tony,
The rotating part(hub) was a ford cortina(that should stir the oldies ?).  I used a lot of bits and pieces from wrecking yards,-those were the days when thongs and no shirt were permitted ,today you have to be dressed like a spaceman !!!.

The plastic for the blades was a "ABS" tough plastic ,Phill M has a sharp eye for the right stuff !.  You could hit it with a hammer ,no harm .  But shaping was a hard job , we used "Carbotech" wood carving disc. Very dangerous in the inexperienced hands, so don't go there if you are a beginner.

Messy, plastic shavings everywhere, and they sort of stick ,probably through some sort of electrical build-up in the shaving process.

I noticed that one blade was sort of bent (twisted), and no matter what I did I could not un-twist or get it like the rest.  So, maybe the plastic pipe(was a very big pipe, around 300mm) has some sort of "memory" ??.

I covered the slip-long assembly with an old aluminium saucepan ,kept all the crawlies out of the works Dept.