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Posted: 01:32am 21 May 2020      

Hi Itchy,

Well, the washing machine motor ,as recovered from the old machine , is what we re-configured in the past to make our wind turbine.

So, maybe , you are on the right track to make a generator, just that yours would be powered by a petrol/diesel powered engine ?

So, to point you in the right direction ,sit down for a considerable time and start at the front of this forum 's posts and read, read and more read-.

It's all there, and very successful re-wiring could be achieved . I've been around many years, so have lots of forum guys ,and Gals . there are many drawings, questions and replies for you to sort through .

I remember the wife and I rewinding car alternators with us counting the turns with ball-bearings being taken out of a cup ,when it was empty , we had the correct number of turns-- stuff like that ,if you are new , will teach you quickly if you have the patience to do the windings.... I felt like chucking it all away many times... plus quite a few beers in between !!!.

So Mate, reading from the start first page,Glenn has done a monster job ,you benefit.
Keep asking questions..