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Posted: 02:33am 21 May 2020      

Oh, the speed..

 Gee, Got me on that one , ??.  

I would guess too slow ,and therefore not enough power output, both in volts and amps ??

Too fast , dunno, never experienced that problem . suppose you would just cook it ???.

Anyhow , have a read , maybe you will find you don't have to do much in the re-winding Dept. Depends on what you want to power -- 240 v motor, 24 volt charger, 12 volt supply -- guess you tailor your F&P winding for your particular output-- it's all in the reading of the posts, betcha someone has done it before you ,lol.???? you just have to find it ..

If you are around the Gold Coast , let me know and I'll show you a few goodies I have ,might be able to set you up .