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Posted: 06:59am 23 May 2020      

Essential energy came to my Dads place yesterday to see about cutting down a tree they consider a danger to the power lines.

never met such a " Company" man before. This guy had been working for them 30 years and it showed. Complained several times about the cost of taking the tree down as if it were coming out of his own pocket.

As my father said, thing didn't grow that big over night and you could have cut it down 20 years ago before it got so big....

The interesting thing he said refered to rural properties.
He said rather than run poles ( his number was 181 Million power poles in NSW!!) They are now going to set customers up with a solar System and battery and charge a monthly fee on that rather than spend the money on running poles and wires.

I forgot to ask if the setup included a generator for bad weather but i'd gess probably not.

He said anything over 6 pole spans was cheaper to do the solar setup. Don't know what size battery but I would guess not too big.
He also said they had been spending many Millions on replacing underground cables from the bushfires. The roots of the trees burn under the ground and are often close enough to the cables to melt the insulation and cause problems.
Not something I would have thought of.

Thought the bit about setting people up with batteries was interesting.
Also in company man mode he was pretty open about his/ power co's dislike for solar and how it is " wrecking the grid with too much power going back into it.

I thought this guy is really a yes man and believes whatever they tell him.
They way he went on about the Tree you would have thought it was a 400 footer not 100Ft.  I got him to make a note on the job card not to chip anything over 4" and if they cut they cut the main parts up to 8 ft long we'll do the rest and they can leave it there for fire wood.

More work for me cutting and splitting and stacking.  :0(