Mains power things to come.

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He did mention some over the top amount to put in each pole. When my father questioned it he mention a load of things like $5000 to shut off the power.... which was weird seeing they ARE the power co so how that's calculated I don't know. He then went on about all the OH&S they have to go through as well as their own procedures and ( BS, not that he thought so) procedures which he said is the real cost.

Dad said asked why he drove his truck across the front lawn instead of parking on the more than adequate space on the driveway and who did he think was going to run into him unless he had his flashing light going? Said that was OH&S and he was required to drive within a certain distance of the tree he was looking at if possible and the light must be on when " On site".

Yeah, cause traffic driving across peoples front lawns 100M from the road and colliding with utility worker Vehicles is a big problem here, you read about it in the papers all the time. " Semi trailer takes shortcut 100M across rural property front yard and collides with stationary Vehicle they didn't see in broad daylight".

Dad said well it's been raining so I don't want 10 Utes driving and parking on the lawn  churning it up when they can park over there or you can leave the tree alone.
Guy said they would have a crane on the driveway because it was a hard surface and it would come over to the tree. Dad said will if there are a bunch of vehicles here because they are too lazy to carry a chainsaw over you can forget it now.

I wondered about the power availability.  Just bought Dad a new welder for some jobs he wants to do and I wondered how a battery would handle that and the pumps so many properties around the area run. Pretty sure it would be a case of that's what you get and stiff sh*t if you aren't happy or it does not meet your needs.

I also wondered how much they would sting someone for per month once the system was in.  My father commented that they would be clearing a LOT of trees to make solar Viable for him which was a fair point. I have 4KW of solar on his shed and it's almost useless in winter due to the shading from the trees which is all day.
No way in hell solar would be viable where he is in winter nor would it do anyone else along his 3 KM road.