Mains power things to come.

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Posted: 12:13pm 24 May 2020      

LOL! 10 minutes.. people power. great story.

We have been paying a heap-load for fuel here in UK for decades (up in the road in Stockport yesterday and saw it at 122/l!!!). There was a move a few years back to force a price war by everyone boycotting, say, shell... who would promptly drop the price to bring in custom. Then everyone would switch to Shell and all the others would crap themselves... and so on. Foundered because the lackadaisical UK public has no backbone anymore. Shame. It would have worked and everyone (with a vehicle) would have benefited.

I would love to go off-grid, it is a dream I have had for ages to build my own place with smart wiring etc, but the opportunities in UK are limited (like it is grey and sh*tty most of the time).