Mains power things to come.

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Posted: 11:06am 25 May 2020      

  CaptainBoing said  

I would love to go off-grid, it is a dream I have had for ages to build my own place with smart wiring etc, but the opportunities in UK are limited

I would like to do the same. Somewhere I could put all my ideas and creations to the test and not have to worry about what it looked like or Devaluing my home etc.

I'd do a container house and what I would really want is somewhere I could do a micro Hydro setup. I have a fascination with that maybe because I haven't been able to do it.
I could also have the solar and use the Veg oil powered generators I have. I'd put in a  Veg powered heating system and an idea for a thermal hot and cold setup I have had in my head for some time.

I go through the real estate sites now looking for land but where water is they are far and few between. I'd want it as a playground, not a permanent residence so I don't want anything too far away especially as I'd have so much to take there all the time.

I'd also need a small excavator as well as other machinery and even basic setups from scratch require decent money ploughed into them.
I was looking at some places for sale last night. Some of these humpys people live in I'd burn to the ground and not even try to fix them up.  There is basic and then there is dirty. Be better off in a tent than some of these constructions.

Only way I can see this dream happening is if I win Lotto.