Mains power things to come.

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Back in '03 when we bought the farm I inquired about getting a 3 phase connection only to be told the best I could get was a 240 volt 10 amp service at a cost of 80K to my boundary then was told from there I MUST go underground as power poles on private property are a thing of the past.

So been off grid ever since and for my shed I have Kipoint 3Kw sinewave inverter that I got custom made back in '05. When I imported the inverter got a call from customs asking what it was and after explaining 5 times I told them to make a new listing as in a short time the solar boom will be taking off. Got charged $500 import duty and that inverter is still going today. With my second caddy welder as the first one went out in great style taking out a 5Kva genset and throwing blue arc's out which melted the top of the welder. On inspection the top two input cap's blew their stack. Now with this new welder I can arc weld 2.5mm rods until the forklift battery goes dead flat.

Forklift batteries in my opinion are the best for off grid situations as with off grid power from solar and a wind gennie keeps the battery charged and the excess power goes into heating water to warm the shed floor.

For the house we bought a 25K setup and the batteries only lasted 10 years before one went reverse voltage. The inverter a Selectronic SA32 is still going today aswell as the Staff & Stanbury 80 amp battery charger. I put a forklift battery in place of the old batteries and for 9 years it is still going strong. The thing with these batteries is keeping the water up in the cells and once a month use the charger until less than 10 amps is going in.

Power bills forgot what they even look like.....

Cheers Bryan