Mains power things to come.

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Posted: 09:48am 27 May 2020      

I have looked at batteries and IMHO forklift packs are far and away best bang for the buck. I think it was here we were discussing them some months back. I posed the idea of their value as scrap and found the weight of some and rang a couple of scrap merchants. From memory the scrap value now was about 1/3rd the cost of the pack.  
In 10 years the price would be more so would offset the cost of the new pack when replacement came.

There are a lot of upsides to Lithium but for stationary use, I'd still favour LA myself.  I also wonder if in the future lithium batteries will incur significan't cost to recycle. From what I understand, No one in oz doing them yet.

I prefer to stay on grid but am also looking to the future with the possibility of going off grid. I have a load of panels that could be put to charging, I have a couple of Diesel generators So all I would need would be the batt pack and some better inverter chargers than what I have. I do like the lazy Convenience of grid power even though I love playing with this sort of thing.  Would probably be work not enjoyment when I HAD to do it though.

While one does not get power bills being off grid, I still think the amortised cost of batteries and equipment works out more expensive per KWH used than grid power over it's lifetime. That may be variable depending on the cost of power where one is and if it is going to cost thousands to get mains power connected in the first place.

That could buy a lot of equipment and batteries in itself to provide power for a long time.