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Posted: 10:57pm 29 May 2020      

While I hate scammers with a passion, I do think there is 2 sides to it.
Some of these things are so stupid and the people whom purchase them so Gullible, I look at them as a price of education.

I remember working with a bloke some time back who was a completely overly trusting gullible type that would literally believe anything you told him.  Wasn't stupid just insanely gullible and believing.

He was telling us about these  Things you put round the fuel line on your car that aligned the atoms in the fuel or some such crap and those HoHoHo gas machines that they profess will make a Mack truck get 101MPG while Fully loaded doing 90 MPH Up Bulli pass.

Could not convince him they were crap. Impossible.  There were testimonials on the website and how could they be wrong?  He sent over $1000 at the time which was a couple weeks wages back then and bought the Crap. Put it on, surprise surprise, at least he went on real world numbers than placebo effect and neither worked. Wasn't good enough that the first one didn't work, he had to go for the second as well.

At least that educated him on that score. He fell for a few more things, email scam etc but Finally started waking up.

I always thought these lesser scams were a good thing because one day someone came round wanting to do repairs or something to his house for 10's of thousands. He listened when everyone said No so the price of the other ripoffs were his university of hard knocks that kept a roof over his head.

I have seen that with a lot of things, People refuse to believe what they are told by qualified and endless people and have to do something and have it fail before they believe it.

I think some of these Ripoffs  aren't all bad if they wake people up before they really fall for some con that is life changing and crippling.
Then again, I know of a neighbour of a friend that Never seems to learn.

You wonder who could be so gullible and how many they get. I was recently watching a Doco on Nigerian Computer service scammers and they showed how much they were making, Literally Millions from a 10 person operation in a small office.
No wonder they stick with it, so many obviously still haven't woken up to it and the ease with which they will hand over personal details or money is incredible.