CMM2: Falfus2 Logic Game

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Decades ago, I wrote a logic puzzle game for my Apple //gs with a Second Sight VGA card. Falfus was based on the game Puzznic. The goal was to clear each level by sliding matching tiles together. Two or more of the same tile touching along any edge would fuse and vanish with a pop. The player can slide tiles sideways only, and tiles fall when unsupported.

Today I am pleased to release a preliminary re-write for the Colour MaxiMite 2.
Unzip the attached to an SD card to put in your CMM2. Five files (Falfus2.BAS, Clink.wac, Pop.wav, Slide.wav and tiles30x30x12x2.bmp) should all be together in the same folder. Run the game by selecting Falfus2.BAS from the file manager.

A Nunchuk is used to control the game. Pressing [ESC] lets you quit.

Included are 60 levels, including the original 50 that I managed to extract from my //gs system a few days ago.

I have a few more tweaks in mind for the game, but this release should be completely functional.

And yes, ALL levels are solveable.

Please try it out and let me know how it goes.

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