CMM2: Game Music and sound

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Posted: 02:17am 07 Aug 2020      

Ok, so trying to add music to my 285 Rush game...

I have a MOD file for the music.

I have a few sound effect WAV files.

I also currently use a PLAY SOUND that adjust the frequency of based on the speed of the player's car.

However, while I can play the MOD + Wav (as Play Effect) at the same time, I can't seem to do the PLAY TONE sin waves for the engine sound at the same time.

Am I having to do the engine sound as a WAV and how would I adjust the sound to match the player's car speed? I guess if I could record it at different frequencies and then use the Play Effect interrupt to then read the player's speed at that time and load the next frequency and start playing that one and so on... But geez that's kind of ugly...

Can PLAY TONE work at the same time as MOD playback?  And what's the real difference between PLAY TONE and PLAY SOUND?  They seem very similar in description although PLAY SOUND seems to have more options available to it...

Just trying to figure out the right way to do a game's background music while also having various types of sound effects in the game...