More Fun Than a Barrel of Bettongs ...... : )

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Posted: 09:08pm 14 Aug 2020      

  hitsware2 said  

Mmmmm... 40-conductor rainbow ribbon cable....

The computer hobbyist nostalgia factor is off the charts with this thing :)

I installed a big push-on / push-off button as my power switch on my Circuit Gizmo’s board. It requires quite a bit of force, but then it makes a big loud “click”, followed by the instant-boot to the command prompt. It’s soooooo satisfying, and reminiscent of every 8-bit computer I ever owned. Even the “single floppy drive” effect of the spring-loaded SD card reminds me of an old 5.25” disk drive (OK, maybe more like a 3.5” floppy... :)