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  hitsware2 said  

''' The Ghost in the Machine '''

dim c(23),n(5), v(7), p(7), u(5)
for i=0 to 23: read c(i): next i
for i= 0 to 7: read p(i): next i
for i= 0 to 7: read v(i): next i
for i= 0 to 5: read n(i): next i
for i= 0 to 5: read u(i): next i
data 36,36,34,32,30,30,30,30
data 30,30,30,30,30,30,30,30
data 27,27,27,27,30,30,30,30
data 4,0,2,2,8,0,2,2
data 9,0,7,0,7,0,7,0
data 24,27,32,36,40,48
data 0,0,0,0,20,15

do: for x=0 to 23
play sound 1,l,w,4*c(x),7
play sound 1,r,w,6*c(x),7

for y=0 to 7
play sound 2,b,s,1024,2*p(y)
pause 10: play sound 2,b,s,1024,0

play sound 3,l,q,((1.99*c(x))),v(y)
play sound 3,r,q,((2.01*c(x))),v(y)
play sound 4,b,w,12*n(int(rnd*5)),u(int(rnd*5))

pause 120: next y: next x: loop

Nice! Its interesting to try to work out how it works, which bits of the sound are random and which are not.

update: I've added it to the wiki. Wasn't sure how to describe it though.
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