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Hi All (my first post here). A mention of my grandfather, FB Gilbert, in the group prompted me to join! In the 1920s/1930s his company was Gilco here in Adelaide. He was an early adopter of the propellor type wind turbine. Gilco was relatively successful in its day but given the interest in wind power nowadays, I guess he was 75 years too early to really make a fortune!!
Lloyd Dunn was one of his apprentices and went on to found his own company, Dunlite. I have accumulated some of the Gilco newspaper advertisements and one day, I would dearly love to see, or even have, something that Gilco built (so if you hear of anything from a farm etc, I would dearly love to know).
For anyone vaguely interested, attached is a picture of FB Gilbert in his heyday with his newly imported Graham Paige motor car. He died in 1956 (64yo)

Michael Gilbert.