Covid-19 Treatment (No joke)

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Posted: 03:49am 17 Nov 2020      

  Warpspeed said  There are basically three separate but interconnected groups trying to undermine democracy worldwide, and achieve World domination.
The communists, the zionists, and the secret societies. The deep state, and organized crime, are all a part of this too.

Sorry, but this is insane. Regarding "the zionists, and the secret societies", it's classic insanity which ended up being extraordinarily murderous in the first half of the twentieth century.

Regarding the "communists", there's certainly a profound Chinese threat, but very few in the west look to China for a solution to problems, or to anything approaching communism. The Chinese only became a threat by becoming capitalist in their economic practice. What happened to the communist threat of the Soviet Union? What happened to the communist threat of the Warsaw Pact?

In the U.S., the right has shouted "communist" at every attempt to make the country more nearly "of the people, by the people, for the people": Social Security is communist; Medicare is communist; civil rights activism is communist; minimum wage is communist; workplace health and safety is communist; Obamacare is communist; environmentalism is communist. It's a never-ending scare.

  Warpspeed said  Now that the US election has been held, Covid will quickly disappear, no need for it anymore.  By Christmas it will be completely gone and never mentioned again.

Let's check back in after Christmas. So far, every single prediction that it will disappear or recede has been wrong. This kind of statement would be sad if it weren't so dangerous.

I still remember your statement from May 21, 2019: "Very off topic, but US military have been mobilizing for quite a few weeks now, but I very strongly suspect this may have more to do with the introduction of martial law, and not deployment overseas. Enough said."

That wasn't real, and the rest of your conspiracy theories aren't real either.