Covid-19 Treatment (No joke)

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Posted: 01:32pm 24 Nov 2020      

I am so over all this Covid Crap I'm ready to scream, Strangle some brainwashed idiot or more.

Mrs had to go into hospital For an op last week. Getting through the front doors of the place on Friday was like breaking into the mint. Only harder.

All the crap with taking your temp ( which having those temp guns I can' possibly see being remotely accurate) answer the 10 Dumb questions ( how could I have been OS in the last 14 Days, I wouldn't have been quarantined on arrival and let out on the 15th) give all you details and get a little stick to say you had been through their BS checks.
Here is your face nappy, you must wear it at all times ( which I never even put it on seeing 10 staff not wearing anything) and sanitise your hands before proceeding 30 ft to the waiting area which had all the BS don't sit here stickers on them.  I made sure to sit my fat arse right on one.

Wouldn't even let me in the lift to go to the wards, No mate, no further than here for you.

On saturday, walk straight in, no fker anywhere in sight, in the lift up to the room with another lady Visiting her husband. Still no face nappy, no one said anything. Lucky for them.  Sunday the same , Yesterday they bailed me up at the nurses station and put me through the BS. I asked what all this was for? They said Covid. I said oh, is it only a think during Business hours? The nurse said no of course not! I said well there was no one downstairs all weekend and no one stopped me here so how come it's only an issue Monday to Friday?  She said you would have been checked down stairs. I said there was no one there when I came in, when my Neighbour whos wife was here came in or my daughter came in and I and my daughter took a vid of us walking in.  Would you like to see it?  No answer.

Today I go get her and there is somone looking bored at the front door.  I walk straight in, straight past, nothing.  On the way out, I see other people doing the same thing.

What a load of complete and utter Virtue Signalling BS!!

From there had to go to one of the gubbermint service centres to put the yearly health check in for Driving with my diabetes. People are lined up out the door and a hired probably illiterate security clown is standing at the door.  He has a temp gun which he points at people, waits for the beep and then directs them in without so much as looking at the thing.  I see he actualy shot the lady in fronts shoulder as he was perving at the Yummy mummy walking out as he did it.

If the guy didn't fiddle with his face nappy every 15 sec, he must have fiddled with it every 10 Sec. Yeah, that will keep you safe.  I get to the ftont, he points the thing at me and I asked whats' that? He said it's to take your temperature.  I said "It might look better if you actualy looked at the thing once in a while to pretend you are doing your job" and walked in.

Yes, I am one of "those people" giving other people a hard time over this crap. Well and truly fed up with it all.
Come home and I see Allan Joyce ( or is it Joyce Allen) CEO of quantarse wants everyone to have the vaccine before getting on one of his planes. Well he can stick that where he sticks other things far as I'm concerned.

As much as those not wanting this Crap get labled " anti Vaxxers" I'm far from that but I am against some concoction that's been thrown together in 1/10th the time a normal vaccination takes to develop and having some company CEO telling me what medical treatments I have to take for an overblown load of crap that has a 99% survival rate.  I normaly get the flu needle every year but I won't be any more. Turned out I never got it this year because they were in short supply and apart from a couple of days where I had the sniffles and night and fixed that with a good stiff Drink, I was fine.  Other years I have got it I have got sick and years I have missed I have not got it. Not just one way or the other but not necessarily healthy if I get it or sick if I don't either. having the flu shot is FAR from a guarantee of being fine.

Like every year I can remember, they always warn " This will be a bad flu season ( and every year a bad bushfire season as well)  and this one was. That is all.  The millions they predicted weren't wiped out. Less people died by far this year than last year. 97% of people that got it recovered which is better than all the other years previous. Of course those that were lost were predominantly 80 years and over and had pre existing conditions that were never mentioned.

A real estate agent I spoke to some months back told me of an office girls uncle OS that was diagnosed with terminal cancer and lived 2.5 years longer than expected was put down as a Chinah Flu victim when he did finally pass. I'll bet there was loads of that which went on. Died having the flu rather than because of it.

Are they going to mandate that I can't get on a plane because I have diabetes as well? that' kills FAR more than 1% of people whom get it so they would in fact be better off with that.

It will be interesting to see how this invasion of people's freedoms goes.  Either it will get a lot of kick back and loose them money and other airlines won't go with it creating an alternative. The other scenario is they will all go with it which has some better chance given how Quantarse's share price went up today.
Clearly way too many social media brainwashed sheeple whom can't think for themselves will go with it till we won't be allowed outdoors till we have all had a jab of their hastily concocted whatever.

I love the BS this is being marketed with.... " Could be up to 90% effective".
Yeah, I have been in marketing and advertising as well and those little get out of jail words mean it " Could Be" as useless as 5% effective and they have still covered their backsides because they never said it WAS 90% effective, only it COULD be UP TO
.... which means the likelihood of it being 90% effective are about the same as winning lotto..... without buying a ticket.

If not having some Over blown flu Vax means I can't fly anywhere, No problems. I don't have this overpowering desire to escape from where I live. Happy to stay in my own state and If I have to stay in my own town, that's fine too.  

The media hysteria talk like getting the China pox is a death sentence despite the very low death rate even in the must Vulnerable. Owners of company's that make the kits admit they are not accurate and the numbers are grossly overblown.  The most sinister thing about this pox is the way it's being made out to be so much worse than it is by many, many magnitudes.

I also heard all these people carrying on like morons because they will be able to go to Qld.  Sorry, I won't be going there again, at least not for a very long time.
I was betting they would open the borders before Christmas because with out the Tourist Dollar the tourism and hospitality industry's would cease to exist there.

They want to treat me like a lepper and don't want me there, Fine, I'm happy to comply. So are a number of my friends I have spoken to recently.  We are all planning on a holiday together next year after school Holidays down south NSW where the Bushfires were to give some of the local businesses there some of our Holiday money and keep in in our state.  Not keen on going to Vic in case we get trapped there like another friends husband who could not get back and wasn't allowed to even quarantine, We'll stay where we can get back home in case there is another outbreak of virtue signalling over reaction stupidity.

Seems it only takes one case to cause an " Outbreak" these days so not going to risk it. The rest of the sheeple can have QLD and if they are stupid enough to reward the way they have treated other Australians, More fool them.  So much for all the " In this together" BS.

Suddenly all these " Conspiracy Theroys" are getting all too real and if we don't put the brakes on what seemed laughable 12 months before, they will be a nightmare we are living every damn day.

When all this started, there were a lot of people that seemed like Crackpots talking about new wold orders and agenda 21 or whatever.  Not much to support those ideals and easy to write them off as tin foil hat wearers.  I wouldn't like to try and disprove their position right now. There is PLENTY that has happened already that I know of that is exactly what these " Crackpots " were talking about all along.

That makes it very scary and we are a long way from the end game of all this yet.
I'm not sure what the agenda for it is but I am absolutely sure there is an agenda and a plan of some sort and it's not one that I'm going to like or let us have the life we up until this year took for granted.