Covid-19 Treatment (No joke)

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Posted: 01:06am 25 Nov 2020      

  Warpspeed said  Oh its contagious, and its very nasty, but there are a lot of other things far more statistically likely to kill you.

In the U.S., there are actually two (from 2018)--heart disease and cancer

  Warpspeed said  I do not worry about being struck by lightning, being run over by a train, or being eaten by a shark.  
Every year people die from those causes, but I do not live in constant daily fear of any of them.

Deaths in U.S.
Attributed to Covid-19, through November 22, 2020 -- 255,066
Lightning, 2006-2019, total 418
Shark attack, 1642-2020, total about 196
By train (not just run over)--under 1,000  per year
Dandruff (couldn't find any)

It's easy to make dismissive remarks if you are willing to totally disregard the seriousness of the disease for those who suffer the worst outcomes, and their families and friends.