Covid-19 Treatment (No joke)

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Posted: 03:10am 25 Nov 2020      

  lizby said  
Attributed to Covid-, through November 22, 2020 -- 255,066

Note the word Attributed.
Very important !!!

Joe Biden is "attributed" to have had more people vote for him than Trump.
That does not necessarily make it so.

Total deaths in Victoria (the worst state, and where I live) 819
Total population in my state 6.28 million

So 819 / 6,280,000 in Victoria or one in 7,668

In the US 255,066 / 330,052,960
call it 255 / 330,053 or one death for each 1,294 people

Why is Covid 5.9 times as deadly in the US as it is here ? Its exactly the same virus.

Could it possibly be this "attribution" factor.

As with the Joe Biden voter FRAUD nonsense, just because someone counts some numbers and says they are genuine does not make it fact.

Also our SOCIALIST left government with the worst draconian lockdown anywhere in the world are more likely to inflate the death statistics than minimise them.
So the 819 Covid deaths we are supposed to have have had, may also suffer from the same "attribution" problem, and may honestly be way below that. But we will never know.

And don't try to tell me our death count here is low compared to the US because of the horrific lock down we have had here.
Other Australian states had less severe lockdowns than us, and an even lower death count than here.

How is that possible ?

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