Covid-19 Treatment (No joke)

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Posted: 05:24am 25 Nov 2020      

Yes, mentioned:  UP TO 90% can be anything, but definitely never above 90%

(Reminds me of my Internet connection up to 25 M Bits per Second.
When Ookla speed test never ever got above 17 and could be as bad as low single digits during certain times or days of week)

The biggest problem I have with, is hostility toward good medicines  that can save life and heal person even severely affected by Virus.
(Here a lot of names come to mind, including one concocted by WHO so it doesn't stigmatise: region, country, race, ... - their word not mine)

Why worry about vaccine that can be anything from 0 % (ZERO)  up to 90%
(I can safely say that ZERO is in case of anybody who is not protected despite of having been immunised, one of those who fall into 10% in the best case scenario that vaccine is really 90% effective. Probably long stretch, but this interpretation of probability is fine with me).