Covid-19 Treatment (No joke)

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  lizby said  

But that number isn't going to be reached because sensible people who care about others in their communities will take the recommended precautions (like the Premier's "Stay the blazes home!" here in Nova Scotia) (even if some past recommended precautions have not been as useful as predicted), and will take the vaccine when available.

Certainly it's far more lethal to older people and those with co-morbidities (or present risks, like just about everybody in a hospital), but if you wish to just discount us and carry on with unsafe practices, well, shame on you.


I am in a HIGH risk category. Chances are if I get it I won't do well.  My elderly father also has complications that make him unlikely to survive a bad cold.
I'm plenty sensitive to risks but not to Bullship.

The media hype make out those people infected are forgone conclusions and the family should start making arrangements the day their positive result is confirmed.  It's complete and utter sensationalism and an insult to a thinking persons intelligence.

We have had this wear a face nappy crap rammed down our throats too but the most rudimentart research shows ( pre 2020 ) that no medical authority says wearing a mask will do squat to protect one from any virus and explains why they wouldn't work.
Suddenly in 2020, wearing a face nappy gives one virtual Chinah flu immunity.
No doubt you would deem not wearing a mask an " unsafe practice" even though all medical advise till now said they were worthless in this application.

Even my father says, " Us old farts need to look after ourselves and be careful but that doesn't mean that young people whom won't even know they have it should have their lives ruined" His position is I never expected to live this long and I could go tomorrow from a dozen different things anyway so I'll live the life I have left best I can, If I have to be locked in the house then I rather be dead and be done with it.  

All this talk of deaths is overblown because fear and sensationalism sells papers and makes people watch MSM.

My question is, How many of these people that the lockdowns " Saved" are going to die of something else like maybe the first hot day that comes along?  If they are in a weakened state that they can't survive a bad flu ( or pneumonia and other such things) really, how long have they got anyway?  Again, Like my father says, When you get to your 70's, you don't have a life expectancy. Any time you go after that it's said you had a good innings. You are not expected to live to 110 or anything else".

Even though the average life expectancy here is 82, I can think of far more people I know that passed that didn't get that far than did.  I had an aunt that lived to 101 so she skews the figures for about everyone else I have known. Both my beloved inlaws passed before they were 65.  My mother died when she was 38, My little brother at 18 and dont even get me started on other family. Any one that thinks their life is guaranteed to a certain age I would say is a moron.

I think this chinaah pox has all been politicised as well. I am again not sure of the reason, it's against the grain to cost Gubbermints and Big Biz Billions but there IS some sort of agenda whether one has identified it yet or not.  All the evidence does add up to that.
There are countries like Sweden whom didn't have lockdowns or a lot of other of these precautions and have done very well. I don't know why, I don't have to, the numbers tell the story as rubbery as they may be. I put more faith in low nuimbers than with high ones in this case.

As far as the US goes, I am far from surprised of the higher mortality rate there. The country with the most obesity and over all poor health of any with over indulgent eating and poor nutrition habits is a prime candidate for any increased health risk from the outset. No surprises there whatsoever for me.  

Looking at your Excess deaths Link, I see " Excess mortality is a term used in epidemiology and public health that refers to the number of deaths from all causes during a crisis above and beyond what we would have expected to see under ‘normal’ conditions."

Skimming over the page I saw nothing that mentioned Suicides.  It is not hard at all for me to imagine thousands of deaths from that from people that have lost their businesses, their homes, investments and many other opportunities through the lockdowns and restrictions put on people from this overblown, over hyped BS Flu. I personally know of a few people that have endured severe hardships because of all this over bearing crap that would be likely candidates with what it has put them through.
Now, do they count them as part of the lives lost to bolster the panic with the " Official " numbers or do they deny where the cure has been worse than the Disease?

I say anyone that believes any official Numbers from virtually any source ( especially Gubbermint and big Biz) these days is an absolute gullible fool.  But none the less, the gubbermints, Media and big biz thank these people most sincerely for being easily brainwashed sheep and supporting the narrative they are trying to push and influencing others to believe the same.
Those with a bit of Critical thinking can see the many flaws in the story line like the FACT that the deaths have been nothing like the gloom and doom predicted for a start.  

It may be a bit of a smart arse line but the adage of " A disease so dangerous you have to be tested to know you have it" is none the less very true for well over a 90 percentile of people that get it.  The assertion of a Pandemic with a 97% survival rate is also poignant.  What other pandemic and " Medical crisis" had that sort of survival rate?  I don't honestly know but I'm betting there weren't many if any at all!.

I also greatly question the numbers and the testing. I found out today off a friend his daughter was Diagnosed with it after spending time with a bunch of friends for a weekend away, one whom was also Diagnosed.  Both friends daughter and her friend were diagnosed, tested 3 days later and then found not to have it. None of the other 4 Girls they spent the weekend in close quarters had it neither did any of their families which added up to a LOT of people all up were found to not to have it. This is this Highly contagious disease that people in the same house have not got.
The girls were none the less quarantined and tested several more times and tested negative every time and had NO symptoms what so ever.
Hard to put a lot of faith in test results like that.

She is the only person I know of that has been said to have this raging pandemic and the far greater odds even officially are she never had it at all.

I am not afraid of Dying. For the last 5.5 years I have had to search for a reason to stay around every day and it puts me to more pain to stay round than the alternative.
I AM terrified of being sick though. I have seen what family and friends have been though with many things like cancer and my own emotional pain has taught me many times there are things far worse than death.
If I get the pox and don't survive, It will pretty much all be over in a fortnight or less far as I can see and I probably won't be conscious the last week anyway.  If I take some rushed together Vaccine, it could put me in all sorts of agony for as long as I hang around. No thanks.

I take medication to stay around. Started a new one on Saturday so I'm far from afraid of medications or worried about all the typical conspiracy theories BUT, I am very wary of some concoction that has bypassed all the normal safeguards and procedures to be rushed to the market to stop something that I have little to fear from one way or the other. I well know and have seen the side effects some well tested and widely used Drugs can have. I can only imagine the possibilities of something that has jumped the que by 5 years at least could inflict on a person. I am also about as suspicious as one can get over how safe this really is when there are probably Billions on the table for those  pushing it... which is why they are in such a gut busting hurry to get it out there. Profit Opportunity never before seen in history basically.

As far as hastily rushed Vaccines that have skipped 90% of the normal testing requirements, If people want to take them and the risk, hey, I'm not going to stop them or bitch and sook about them taking them!  They are braver than I and I applaud their contribution to society as Human Guinea pigs. The question is though, if they are going to be vaccinated against the Chinah pox, then WTF does it matter to them If I don't want it if they are safeguarded from  anything I have already?

Seems to me the people that are so for this vaccine are the ones that have the least to worry about and the older people and those with different afflictions that are more at risk take a much more realistic view and are far less prone to pushing their personal beliefs onto others.

I'll take my chances thanks.  If I die, well, the only 2 people that will really be affected, my wife and my daughter would be happy to let me make that choice.  If I get any worse through some Vax which has a real good chance of stuffing someone with my complications anyway, then they could suffer for years with having to take care of me or the financial and emotional burden of me being sick and in care.

Whenever the doc puts me on something new, I get a small dose to see how I react because it's a 50/50 with me if I will tolerate it. If they won't start me on a full dose of well known meds, stuffed if I'm going to take the risk of a full belt of a virtually unknown one! I'm on 1/4 dose of the new one now for a month and see how I travel then if it's OK I'll be put on half dose for another month. Will I get the same caution with the BS flu Vaccine? No way in hell!

As I am wanting to stay around for the foreseeable future, short as that may turn out to be, I'll do what I can to ensure that I am as well as possible and that does not include taking rushed vaccines for something I think I probably could get over now even if I didn't before.  

If this is till a thing in 5 years, which I'd put $1000 on tomorrow it won't be, then  with the proper time taken to see the results and side effects of any vaccine, if it's all good, sure, no problem.

Until it is properly understood,  I'm still plenty big, strong and fit enough to do a lot of damage to a lot of people whom try to force anything on me against my will.