Covid-19 Treatment (No joke)

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Posted: 02:04pm 25 Nov 2020      

  Georgen said  Yes, mentioned:  UP TO 90% can be anything, but definitely never above 90%

(Reminds me of my Internet connection up to 25 M Bits per Second.
When Ookla speed test never ever got above 17 and could be as bad as low single digits during certain times or days of week)Excess mortality is a term used in epidemiology and public health that refers to the number of deaths from all causes during a crisis above and beyond what we would have expected to see under ‘normal’ conditions.

That is a perfect analogy of the marketing hype and misdirection used with the Vaccine effectiveness. When they have to 'Sell" you something like a vaccine to persuade one to take it, then I naturally get suspect.

  Quote  The biggest problem I have with, is hostility toward good medicines  that can save life and heal person even severely affected by Virus.

This is another excellent point!
There have been so many " Run of the mill" and common drugs/ Vitamins that different study's have shown great effectiveness but have all been dismissed in favour for a rushed " Vaccine". I think most people not brainwashed by the MSM would see the prime reason not to try more with the common, cheap, medicines and Vitamins is there is no money in them where as a new " vaccine" with it's 10 year patent on the formula would be worth Billions.  Always follow the Money.

I have looked at as many of these studys and research papers as I can find and started taking some common vitamins and pout my father on some. Not expensive and if they don't work, they only potentially make us a bit healthier and more resistant to other problems. Right now they have every bit as good a chance as working as anything else.

  Quote  Why worry about vaccine that can be anything from 0 % (ZERO)  up to 90%

Yes, the 90%  number is what they know will stick in peoples heads as if it IS 90% effective in all cases. As with all numbers and statistics, unless one knows the method and parameters of how the numbers were derived, they are meaningless. They will always use the best case scenario, not the mean average one.

It's like saying one has a 1000 Ah battery.  Big difference between a 2V 1000 Ah battery and a 100V 1000Ah battery and if you use a C20 or a C 100 rate. You can still plug either one as being " Up to 1000 Ah" even if one is measured at the C200 rate.

I'll bet my backside the way the numbers were derived with the vaccines will be kept very closely guarded and probably BS'ed as " Intellectual property" or some other excuse for keeping the true numbers hidden away.  

While I and a lot of other people are presuming this will be some dangerous cocktail, there is one other scenario I see.  The stuff could be not much more than glorified Saline with few things added in like Hartmann's solution and be no use at all.
They will have to get it past some sort of Gubbermit lab scrutiny so might also just be a magnesium, B12 whatever Vitamin cocktail.

Going to be a gamble for Joe public as to what it is and also I'd suggest if one were Vulnerable enough to need a vaccine, one would also be automatically be more vulnerable to it's potential side effects. Every medicine has them and they WILL be downplayed as much as the effectiveness rates will be inflated if not more.