Covid-19 Treatment (No joke)

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  Warpspeed said  ... you attack something I said a very long time ago about something totally different.

Re Russian economy (in this thread): November 9 was a "long time ago"?

It was late at night here when I saw your post. I dealt with what I could in the time before bed. The older reference was to point out the unreliability of your sources, dating back quite a while.

  Warpspeed said  Why is Covid 5.9 times as deadly in the US as it is here ? Its exactly the same virus.

Could it possibly be this "attribution" factor.

Again, let's look at excess deaths by country (only through October 23).

U.S. 206,413 deaths attributed to Covid-19; 277,477 excess deaths. This is why many epidemiologists believe that covid deaths are undercounted.

Do you believe these deaths didn't occur? If they did occur, do you believe they aren't "excess", and if so why not? Or do you believe they did occur but weren't caused by Covid-19? If that's the case, what do you think caused them?

"Why is Covid more deadly in the U.S. than in Australia?" I don't know. There could be many factors including that Australia borders no other countries and can better control comings and goings. In the U.S., after Trump wisely stopped travel from China (actually slowed: Up to 8,000 Chinese nationals came into US after Trump banned travel ), the outbreak in the U.S. spread out from New York apparently spread by people returning from Europe and their contacts. Perhaps perhaps it has to do with the fact that Australia is 100th out of 100 in population density  while the U.S. is 79th. There are undoubtedly other factors.

But the U.S. doesn't have the highest rate of covid deaths per million  (some time in September, apparently). Here's a partial list:

San Marino          1,190       42  3.5%  124.32
Belgium           515,391   13,758  2.7%  120.45
Peru              925,431   34,992  3.8%  109.39
Andorra             5,567       75  1.3%   97.40
Spain           1,417,709   40,105  2.8%   85.83
Chile             524,804   14,633  2.8%   78.13
Brazil          5,747,660  163,368  2.8%   77.99
Bolivia           142,776    8,818  6.2%   77.67
Argentina       1,339,324   36,347  2.7%   80.88
Mexico            986,177   96,430  9.8%   76.42
United Kingdom  1,260,198   50,457  4.0%   75.89
Ecuador           176,630   12,920  7.3%   75.62
United States  10,400,227  241,798  2.3%   73.91
Italy           1,028,424   42,953  4.2%   71.08

It doesn't really make sense that the U.K., Belgium, Spain and Italy would report high pandemic death rates as part of a scheme to defeat Donald Trump's re-election bid (not to mention all those South American countries), does it?

  Warpspeed said  As with the Joe Biden voter FRAUD nonsense, just because someone counts some numbers and says they are genuine does not make it fact.

After the 2016 election, there was no significant claim of fraud by the loser--just by the winner--but there was significant concern that with all-electronic voting machines, it's too possible that "someone counts some numbers and says they are genuine". So many states set up the regime for auditable voting according to the recommended method--paper ballots counted by machine. The paper ballots leave an audit trail.

Georgia's Republican Secretary of State supervised the establishment of such a regime. After the machine tallies were in and Biden had about a 14,000 vote lead, this allowed him to call for an "audit" which was a hand count of all of the paper ballots. The audit led to the discovery of several significant omissions from the original tally (apparent user error by election officials, one of whom was fired) which reduced Biden's lead to around 12,000.

Now that Republican Secretary of State is being called a RINO by Trump supporters trying to overturn the result. (RINO for those not attuned to American politics stands for "Republican In Name Only".) Pre-Trump, RINO meant "Republican willing to compromise with Democrats". Now it means "Republican unwilling to break the law to favor Trump".

And it is the same in the other "battleground" states which Biden won--wild allegations of fraud and conspiracy made at news conferences and in the media; much more modest assertions made in court where the lawyers could come under sanction for false or frivolous claims.

So far as I can tell at this time, the rulings are 35 cases lost by Trump, one won (and that one was to require jurisdictions to separate mailed ballots which arrived after election day--which the jurisdictions were already doing because the state required them to).

More conspiracy theories; no more evidence.