Covid-19 Treatment (No joke)

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Posted: 02:43pm 25 Nov 2020      

  Davo99 said  [While I and a lot of other people are presuming this will be some dangerous cocktail, there is one other scenario I see. ┬áThe stuff could be not much more than glorified Saline with few things added in like Hartmann's solution and be no use at all.
They will have to get it past some sort of Gubbermit lab scrutiny so might also just be a magnesium, B12 whatever Vitamin cocktail.

This is just foolishness. Phase 3 trials assess efficacy, effectiveness and safety and establish dosage. The models which the various vaccines use are well known in general, and are no doubt going to be intensely scrutinized by the government bodies which must approve them for broad use.

  Davo99 said  Going to be a gamble for Joe public as to what it is and also I'd suggest if one were Vulnerable enough to need a vaccine, one would also be automatically be more vulnerable to it's potential side effects. Every medicine has them and they WILL be downplayed as much as the effectiveness rates will be inflated if not more.

Safety will be assessed during the trials, and will continue to be aggressively monitored. For many of us "at risk", I suspect the approval by government authorities will be enough for us to take the vaccine which offers protection against this deadly virus, and apparently for some of the vaccines, protection against the worst outcomes even for those who may catch it.