Russian deluxe version of the CMM2

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Part of the power-on circuitry. The power is a button. Push once for on, again for off.

The CircuitGizmos RetroMax is functionally the same as the Color Maximite 2, except there are some changes and additions:

- Different board shape/size appropriate for the optional enclosure
- Board mounting holes for VESA 100mm back-of-monitor mounting
- Power button that toggles on/off
- Reset available from front panel
- IR receiver behind translucent window (on case)
- Micro SD card holder
- Firmware reflash button available on side
- Additional "User LED" in white
- Piezo "User Buzzer"
- Two Nunchuk connections for two game players
- PCB connection for optional real-time clock
- PCB sea-of-holes for user hardware, conducive to Arduino shields
- Mounting holes and orientation for Raspberry Pi HATS
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