Russian deluxe version of the CMM2

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  mclout999 said  
  siwypiotr said  Yes we ship to USA. Unit is 127 USD, include the case, SD card, charging cable, fully assembled and tested. Unfortunately shipment to USA is not the cheapest 69 USD there can be also custom duties on arrival. Payment can be done via PayPal or bank transfer.

Orders can be placed via email:

I like the prototyping section on this one.  He is considering adding one of the mouse options from forums to his design but if you get one now, you or he could just add the circuitry for it on the prototype section and use the SCART cut out to add the port.     he could maybe sell a small PCB and wiring instructions. I think this is the best part of the design. The rest is very nice too.

It is not a problem to add mouse support on next version. I can do it by adding additional STM microcontroller with USB support and send data to main processor using i2c or other protocol. But I do not want to create additional standard, creators of the firmware have to agree how it should be done and I will follow their standard.
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