Russian deluxe version of the CMM2

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Posted: 01:33pm 12 Oct 2020      

do all three (or two, in the case of the CG RetroMax) nunchuk sockets simply have the clock and data lines paralleled up?

given that the nunchuk interface is I2C, it seems that a good method of adding a mouse interface - or indeed an interface for any other relatively slow-speed device - would be to simply use an I2C address not used by any nunchuk and hang the (polled only) interface off the existing nunchuk bus. this should provide 100% compatibility between the various CMM2 implementations without creating incompatibility.

this approach would also mean that none of the pins on the 40-way connector are tied up, while allowing for the addition of some number of extra devices to the CMM2. each device could be talked to via a C-function, or if widely adopted then geoff and/or peter may be willing to add support into the mmbasic firmware at some future time.

if one was worried about swamping the nunchuk I2C bus, consider this: what are the chances of anyone wanting to use a nunchuk at the same time as a mouse?

rob   :-)