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Posted: 01:01pm 17 Oct 2020      

Good work... On my Sony TV the left first letters of the instructions when it's saying coffeebreak and so on and is generating the world the letter is cutted...
(No the TV is set correctly) It has black bars around the whole screen and the screen is centered in the middle... but I am wondering why the first letters are seem to bee to far to the left. any idea ?

I find it very hard to hover 3 sek over an ammo chest :-)

I have checked the mod file and was able to play around with it... maybe I will do a mod file with some music soon... but that needs a little bit learning to get back into making mod music again... puh... you are so limited in that :-/

Overall its a very cool game.

Do you know what samplefrequency your sounds originally at ?
I find the mod sounds still a little confusing... i tried to sample my own synth and the basefrequency was 44.1 khz but that is much too high... even when I used 22.500 it stll sets the note not to a C - so I was wondering what is the base frequency for a C3 Note ? Anyhow love that game... fantastic work.

how about WII Control ? ;-) Now that I bought a controller ;-)

Oh and do you use a boublesort for the hightscore ?
I need to learn how to make highscoretable...

Cheers TweakerRay