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  TweakerRay said  
I find it very hard to hover 3 sek over an ammo chest :-)

As some additional notes. You refuel and rearm from everything within a one block radius. So if you find a lot of ammo dumps together you will rearm much faster than if you are just hovering over one or two. Of course, you still have to wait the 3 seconds.

In this way if you find the right spot with fuel and ammo side by side, you can also refuel and rearm at the same time.

It also becomes very difficult to resupply if you wait until you are out of ammo. If this is the case, I have to do a few short re-arms so that I can get enough ammo to blast the missiles and give myself a few seconds reprieve to fully re-arm.

There are a maximum of ten missiles and when they are destroyed they are re-spawned at random locations on the map. So my tactic is to find a great re-arming spot with lots of ammo dumps. Fly away from it a bit (because if you hit it with a stray bullet, the whole lots going up, and then you have to find another dump). Fly backwards to lure all ten missiles into my gunsights. Blast the ten and then rush back to the dump and re-supply befire they all catch up to you.

Also, do not under estimate the value of paying for the reduced hover time in the menu. By repeatedly purchasing this (the price goes up each time), you can reduce the time down to about half a second, which makes it very easy to resupply.