Backfeeding panels

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Posted: 10:03pm 25 Oct 2020      

Mine is zero, tested it early on in system as i was " told " the same thing ....  

As the panels are silicone junctions just like a diode, current will generally only flow in one direction, less " leakage " again like any diode. Obviously the voltage tolerance is much lower than a standard silicone diode ,where i personally believe this " rule " came from, people putting too much voltage on smaller panels and they overcoming the voltage ceiling and " backfeeding". Of course there are exceptions and differences.

Attached is a pic of the makeup of a modern solar cell.

I have been wrong before, however from practical experience it doesn't matter. If you want to prove it to yourself,  a 12v battery (or any battery with sufficient voltage) a multimeter on current setting and some wire, in the shade of course.